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Ceramic coatings in Wilkes Barre, PA have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to protect a vehicle’s paint from scratches, UV damage, and other environmental factors. While the benefits of ceramic coatings are clear, there has been a rise in DIY ceramic coating kits available on the market. However, attempting to apply a ceramic coating yourself can lead to negative consequences. Here’s why:

Experience Matters

Ceramic coating requires experience and skill to apply correctly. Professionals are trained over time to develop the necessary techniques for application, and to ensure that the coating is evenly spread across the surface of the vehicle. In contrast, DIY ceramic coating kits do not come with the same level of education or training. Without proper technique, the benefits of ceramic coating can be diminished, or even harmful, to your vehicle.


In addition to proper technique, professional ceramic coating applicators have access to specialized equipment that can make the application process more efficient and effective. Professionals use equipment, such as infra-red lamps, to properly cure and buff the ceramic coating. Without access to these tools, it can be difficult to achieve the desired result with a do-it-yourself ceramic coating kit.

Risk of Damage

On a similar note, attempting to apply a ceramic coating without proper experience and equipment can increase the risk of damage to the vehicle. If the ceramic coating is not applied properly or if the applicator is not familiar with the products they are using, this can lead to unwanted results. In fact, it’s not uncommon for DIY ceramic coating attempts to lead to greater costs in repair down the line.


Another advantage of having professional ceramic coating applied to your car is the level of durability you can expect. Professionals use high-quality coatings that are designed to withstand the elements, and they know the right maintenance procedures to keep the coating in excellent condition. Without this, a DIY ceramic coating may wear off or become damaged more quickly than anticipated, leading to additional expenses in the long run.

While it may seem tempting to save money and attempt a ceramic coating job yourself, the risks and potential costs outweigh the initial savings. To ensure a long-lasting, protective Ceramic coating Wilkes Barre that you can trust, it’s important to seek out the services of a professional ceramic coating applicator. By doing so, you can achieve a high-quality finish and peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is properly protected.

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