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Clear coat car paint protection was popular twenty years ago. Clear coat for cars promised that it would stop road debris from causing paint damage and make cars look new year after year. Clear coat damage from road debris can cause paint damage that is nearly as severe as the paint. Clear coat damage can be as costly and time-consuming to repair as the paint job. Clear coats offered some protection but not enough to guarantee complete protection. Clear Paint Protection Film is a new product on the market. It fulfills many of clear coat’s broken promises.

The latest innovation in automotive paint is paint protection film. Although it has been around for some time, the popularity of paint protection film has only recently increased. Although it is not the perfect solution for all paint problems, it is the best and most effective option available. It should be considered by anyone who wants to preserve a costly paint job in Chattanooga, TN.

Paint protection film is made from a thin thermoplastic polyurethane. Paint protection film is almost identical to the do-it yourself window tinting film. Paint protection film is transparent while window tinting is tinted.

You can buy the film in rolls or sheets. Many companies now offer custom-cut protective films that can be cut to fit specific vehicles. This is a great innovation that saves time and reduces the tedious cutting process for amateurs.

Custom paint protection film shops are very popular. Although anyone can apply the film with some skill and patience, professional services will produce the best results. This is because these shops can apply clear film in a clean environment. Any dust, dirt, pollen, etc. Any dust, dirt, pollen, etc. that is left on the paint after the film has been applied will remain there until it is removed. Do-it-yourselfers don’t have the facilities or tools to remove it. Even garages that are clean can collect dust so they must be covered with plastic sheeting in order to maintain a clean environment.

Car protection film isn’t armor-plating. It can withstand the same nicks, scratches and abrasions as a clear coat paint job. However, it isn’t permanent. It can be easily removed without causing damage to the paint and replaced with a new film if it becomes damaged. This is much more cost-effective than trying to repair paint or clear coatings that are damaged.

Paint protection film Chattanooga tn can also be applied to non-painted parts. To protect your car from scratches, apply it to the plastic taillight covers and headlight covers. These parts will be protected from cracking and the covers will remain intact if damaged. This could help you avoid a costly ticket. There are many ways to use paint protection film. People are encouraged and encouraged to come up with innovative uses.

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